TRACE Your Way to Oneness

Today we are living in a high-tech society, doing high-tech things, going at a high-tech speed, but unfortunately at a high-tech cost.  In today's hectic world, how can we juggle all of our responsibilities, take care of others, and still take good care of ourselves?

"We need to understand our complete relationship with ourselves and other living things so that we can obtain harmony and happiness in our daily lives."

It is this trusting relationship that we enjoy with our horses.  We enjoy them for the connection, harmony, and happiness that we feel when we are around them.  The cares of everyday living are forgotten, if just for a little while.  This is what we seek in life -- renewing and finding ourselves, making time for ourselves, getting connected.

Vicki Rickabaugh developed the TRACE system over thirty years of working with riders and horses.  As she helped riders achieve harmony and peace in their equine partnerships, she realized that her philosophy had a much broader benefit.

TRACE is a way of living, 
a commitment to ourselves 

for better health, happiness and peace. 

T - Trust

Trust is the basis for all relationships.  It brings harmony and peace to ourselves and gives a complete understanding in our relationships with all other living things.  Trust in yourself and your equine friend to be able to work together to achieve your goals. Visualize the outcome.  Know and believe.

"If you can think it, you can create it.  If you can create it, you can achieve it.
The only limits in life are the ones we place on ourselves."


R - Renew

    Renew and rejuvenate your body, mind and inner self.  You are important.  Make time for yourself.  Renew the positive and seek oneness within.

"Every living, breathing thing has a never ending circle of needs.  This circle of needs must stay connected if we are to exist at our fullest."


A - Attitude

   Attitude and mood affect our performance.  A positive attitude leads to positive results.  The phrase "I'm trying" leaves room for "I can't."  The only difference between "can" and "can't" is "apostrophe T."  Find the good in whatever you do -- for the moment, for the day, for the year, for your lifetime.  Remember, "Perfect is Never.  Enjoy the Journey."

"How we think, act and feel about ourselves and others reflects the world in which we live."


C - Connect

    We stay healthier and derive more harmony and contentment when we allow ourselves to reach out to others. This is true in families, friendships, and equine partnerships.

    Connect yourself and that which surrounds you.  Look around and see how you are part of the whole.  Use all of your senses, emotions and being to become connected and complete.  Take the time.  Just a few moments each day can make all the difference.

"We must understand our complete relationship with ourselves and other living things so that we can obtain harmony in our daily lives."

E - Energize

Our lives are filled with plenty of activities that drain our energy.  To achieve balance, we need to take time out to recharge our batteries with activities that boost our energy.  Whether this be playtime, or a time of quiet reflection.


Contact Vicki to discuss how the TRACE system can benefit you and your horse.