Calendar of Events


Blue Spruce Farm Inc. is planning 6 dressage schooling shows in 2018. All of our shows are sanctioned by the East Coast Regional Dressage Association (ECRDA).

Show times will be posted on this site no later than 3 days before the show. Click here for printable entry form. For those coming to the farm to school before a show, please click here for release form.

Show Schedule for 2019
All shows will include TIP awards

Show Date Judge Opens Closes Times Results

May 4, 2019

Cheryl Ash (L)

March 28

April 28

June 8, 2019

Susan Jones Sinelik (r)

May 7

June 1



July 17, 2019

Barbara Ebner(S)

June 01

July 10



August 21, 2019

Kem Barbosa(S)

July 1

August 14



Sept. 21, 2019

Heidi Lemack-Beck(L)

August 1

Sept. 14



Oct. 19, 2019

Mary Harrison(L)

Sept. 1

Oct. 12



Classes Offerred:
1. USDF Intro A and B, starter rider and starter horse
2 .USDF Intro C and Training 1, starter rider and starter horse
3. Training Level 1,2,3
4. First Level 1,2,3
5. Second Level 1,2,3
6. Third Level 1,2,3
7. Fourth Level 1,2,3
8. Musical Freestyle TOC (Training through Fourth Level)

For July, August, and September shows, these additional classes will be offerred:
9. Prix St. George
10. Intermediare I
10. Intermediare II, I-A, I-B
12. Grand Prix
13. Musical Freestyle TOC (FEI)

Western Dressage classes offered at all shows. See NJWDA website for available tests.


1. ENTRIES: a) $25.00/class, Lead Line $20/class, Pas de Deux and Quadrille $20/person. b) $5 office fee per horse/rider combination. No number deposit required. c) Make checks payable to Blue Spruce Farm. d) Entries must be received by closing date. e) Refunds before closing date minus $5 office fee. f) No refunds after closing date or for cancellations due to acts of God, hazardous weather, or other emergencies. g) Fees and negative Coggins within 12 months must accompany signed entry form. h) Management reserves the right to cancel/combine classes at its discretion.

2. Each competitor must provide proof that their horse received a Rhinopneumonitis/influenza (EIV/EHV) Vaccine administered by a veterinarian within 6 months of the show date, or the horse will not be permitted on the show grounds.

3. AWARDS: Trophy and 6 ribbons per class. JR/YRs will be pinned separately.

4. STARTING TIMES: Available on the web site at least three days before the show. Call (908) 513-7755 with any questions.

5. DRESS CODE: To comply with ECRDA sanctioning, riders are requested to conform to the USEF dress code. All riders, English and Western, at all levels must wear protective headgear.

6. OTHER INFORMATION: a) Large stone dust competition arena. b) Small stone dust arena and indoor ring for warm up. c) Hard hats MUST be worn at all times when mounted. d) Management reserves the right to combine, cancel or divide classes as necessary. e) No dogs, please. f) Please state if trailering with another competitor or any other special needs.